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Henry Arrigo June 1, 2012 16:33

Morpher Problem
Hello all;
I use rigid body morpher to enforce a cylinder to move in a sinusoidal manner. but the problem is that although the equation has the amplitude of 0.02, the cylinder move more than this value (even more that 0.1). is there any extra setting that I should do? Do I skip something? I don t know what the difference between "Displacement" and "Rigid Body" options in morpher model.

bryan he June 1, 2012 17:03

If your displacement function is correct, then I think the problem is the set up of " Total displacement" property.
When ticked, "The specified displacement will be treated as a total value relative to the initial position at time zero."
When it is cleared,"The specified displacement will be applied to the vertices based on their position at the start of each time step."
You can check detail in userguide.

Henry Arrigo June 7, 2012 08:11

Thank you bryan; I ticked “Morph From Zero” option but I still have the problem. Here is what I did for the morpher option: I defined a function as “0.02*sin(omega*$Time)” then in the “physics condition” menu of the Cylinder I changed the “morpher method” from “fixed” to “rigid body”. I left all the “physics condition” of the Cylinder unchanged except for the “Linear displacement”. I changed the mode of this option from “constant” to “composite” and assign the above sinusoidal function to the z (vertical) component. Is that correct?

Henry Arrigo June 9, 2012 13:43

No one knows?

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