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boss-central June 8, 2012 09:01

Error when open a New Simulation
I received the following error in the Output box when opening a New Simulation:
Starting local server: /home/dfss/CD-adapco/STAR-CCM+7.02.011/star/bin/starccm+ - server
/home/dfss/CD-adapco/STAR-CCM+7.02.011/star/bin/starenv: line 1491: 10861 Segmentation fault "$@"

The workstation I am using is Dell PowerEdge T100 which has 2.4GHz CPU and 4 cores, 2.6 GB of free memory and 56 GB of free disk space.

The OS is Suse Linux Enterprise 10 and running at 64-bit.

I am stuck with this problem and not sure what to do next.

rwryne June 8, 2012 09:26

Segmentation fault is usually a memory error.... perhaps some permissions are messed up or a reinstall would help?

For this type of problem, you should probably contact CD-Adapco's support.

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