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ucfknight June 11, 2012 18:30

Rotational BL and Parametric Solvers
Good Evening,

I'm a student who is new to CFD.

I'm doing a simple example to simulate a rotor shaft. Basic Geometry is a large rectangle (Volume), a smaller rectangle (simulating a stator vein), and a small pitot probe behind the stator vein.

I'm trying to give the bottom face (Rotor shaft) of the volume a rotational value. I'm not quite sure how to do this as of yet. If you give just the bottom face a velocity perpendicular to inward flow, will this interact with the forward flow to show the new boundary layer which (I believe) will be much more turbulent.
Can someone help steer me in the right direction with this?

2nd question.
If I am trying to put in different diameter and length probes. Is there a way to not do a whole new simulation for every different d and l? I've been doing this for some time and it's been very time consuming..
Is there a way to "tell" CCM+ solve these simulations with d=6:0.5:9 and show me which case has the least P & V disturbances downstream of the stator.

I can elaborate if any of this was unclear.


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