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ACmate June 21, 2012 03:15

thin baffles surrounded by flow region
Hi all,
I am running preliminary simulations in CCM+ to determine the effectiveness of various mirror configuration in transmiting sunlight. I would like to represent the mirrors as baffle. The mirrors are "randomly" distributed in an air region. Is there any way to create thin baffles boudaries that are not interfaces? I would like to do that in order to easily change the angles and length of the mirrors.
An interface would requires two seperate region or a cut-extrude.
For CAD generation, I have access to CCM+ and SW.

siara817 June 21, 2012 05:16

Yes, I think you can do that, in the cad software for mirror, you can build a very thin box. in the meshing you need to change the size of meshing of this box to be small sizes.
Good luck

eRzBeNgEl July 16, 2012 18:11

Not sure but this might also help, import the areas as parts (or in the CAD Modeler) and imprint the parts. Maybe you have to close the intersections after imprinting. By splitting surface by patches, u should now be able to select the areas separately and create your regions

ACmate July 16, 2012 19:43

Thanks all, I got my answer.

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