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ns_chrys July 14, 2012 10:10

execute macro without using StarCCM?
Is there any way to run macros without using "file > macro > play macro" in starccm?

The reason I ask is I don't have access to starccm at home. I want to be able to test the code I write on my laptop, instead of having to write it, copy it to the workstation and test it there.

Is there any way to "fool" my laptop into thinking that starccm is installed on my laptop? If i can, that would be sweet and I already have a sample sim file i can use. Btw I use windows 7

abdul099 July 16, 2012 16:32

You can use Netbeans to check your code. But that will provide checks only for syntax errors.
It is not possible to run any Star-CCM+ macro code without using Star-CCM+. You need to install it and you need to have access to a license in order to run the macro. The license is only needed because the macro needs at least an active simulation, and the simulation needs a license.

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