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TLH July 16, 2012 05:13

Problems with S2S-Radiation Model

I'm working on an Temperature-Calculation of an Multi-Region-Problem (some solids and fluid areas). As boundary conditions are temperatures form -104C to 30 C given. A part of the task is to investigate the influence of thermal radiation (which I think is not so big).

So I build my model (1 mesh continuum / Polyhedral with embedded thin mesher). The first solutions works very well. The residuas converges and the temperaturas sounds very realistical.

After that I implemented the S2S-Radiation model for the fluid regions. So the Energie-balance doesn't converge (see picture) and the temperature rises at some points over 60C.

Does anybody have an idea whats wrong with my model?

I have already limit the temperatures and start iteration without radiation and then switched radiation on.

ssixr June 11, 2013 14:47

hi TLH,
could you explain how you activated S2S model for fluid domain?

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