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ewentry August 4, 2012 10:10

Temperature time table problem
Hi everybody,

I have an inlet condition and it's temperature values are time dependent. but I have some problems with that.

The data is something like that:

time temperature
0 42.2
10 41.5
20 40.3
.... .....

1-should I convert temperature values to Kelvin or not?
2-as you can see my time inrement is 10 seconds should I use a time table or step
3-when defining the table to inlet boundary condition there will be two columns which one should I pick. Temperature or time?

I know how to generate .csv file but I just have problems with assigning that table to CCM+

abdul099 August 29, 2012 16:03

1. Is recommended since you don't need to add additional complexity to deal with units
2. Depends on what you want to have. When you want to interpolate, create an interpolation field function and you can choose a linear interpolation. Otherwise it will be a step function, but I can't tell you what you need since I don't know what you want to see.
3. Select the Time-table and pick the temperature column as long as you don't want to set the time column to be interpreted as temperature value.

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