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O.Lilienthal August 23, 2012 02:31

Pierced Faces, Meshing, Repair Surface

I am really new to CFD-Simulation and never had worked before with Star-CCM+.
Unfortunately I am stuck on a problem regarding my simulation.
As I have tried several things (did the tutorials, ...) I am turning to you for assistance.

My geometry is quite simple. However I am having big trouble with pierced faces as the simulation does not even start:

Warning: 43 cells in regions X 2D, Y 2D
have zero or negative volume. This may be due to an invalid imported mesh or to errors intializing an interface.
Repair the mesh before proceeding.

The geometry was done in Star-CCM+ as I had (the same) problems with my CAD-Data (CATIA V5, .igs and .stp).
After creating the geometry I used "Find Part/Part Contacts" and deleted the wrong ones. Then I set a new region for each part, created a mesh for each part, etc.
I then converted the 3D Model to a 2D.

I have tried some variations already but without any success:

Used Surface Wrapper + Remesher + Polyhedral/Trimmer
Set the interfaces by myself AFTER meshing

I tried to repair the surface mesh but I have no idea how to do that. Of course I clicked every button in order to get an idea which one could help me out - unfortunately without any success. I also referred to the tutorial/manual.

Attached you find a screenshot. It is showing the geometry and the pierced faces.

I hope you guys can help me out on that one.

Thank you very much!



ayobrimmo July 7, 2013 04:37

Hi O. Lilienthal,

Please could you share how you solved this problem?

Thanks in advance

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