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nomad August 23, 2012 21:41

Version 7.04 : disappearing feature curves and other woes
If 'compute part curves' does not mark all the curves I need on a part in the parts tree, I would manually create feature curves in the regions tree.

However, as I add another region with more parts in it, the existing feature curves that were manually marked for a part in the first region disappear.

I've never had this problem with previous versions. It used to be possible to bypass the parts tree and work with regions only (ie. 'import as region'), but this creates problems when marking feature curves and manipulating boundaries.

Is this an issue in V70.4 or am I doing something wrong?

abdul099 August 28, 2012 20:02

When you add an additional region, you need to initialize the meshing pipeline again, right?
When you do this, the part surfaces as well as part curves should be transferred to the region level, overwriting the existing (modified) feature curves (as well as surface repair on the initial surface).
So when I say "yes, you're doing something wrong", it shouldn't disappoint you. CCM+ can be weird and not all users really got the difference between parts and regions (and of course, the advantage of having parts when you really know how to use them).

To get around this issue, mark the later feature curves on part level. You can edit them in the surface repair panel.
Or create all regions at a time and change feature curves afterwards, when you don't need to add any regions for sure. But I recommend to edit part curves in the parts level surface repair.

nomad September 4, 2012 21:07

Thanks, that worked much better.

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