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senhill October 8, 2012 05:26

how to change the direction of a face in Star-CCM+?
In my model, two connected faces have the different direction (one is colored by green, the other is red), I want to offset the two faces together as a whole face, then I need to change the direction of one of the faces. I didn't find the way to do it in the manual. What should I do?

Could anybody help me? Thanks a lot!

kyle October 8, 2012 10:55

CEXT CSET 1 1,,,

Oh wait, wrong software. You will probably have to delete the face and recreate it using the proper click order to get the normals facing the right direction.

siara817 October 8, 2012 15:12

If you have the CAD file, in for example IGES format, open STAT-CCM, click new.
Then open CAD. Import your cad file. if the whole geomtry is as one part, then you need to split it by right clicking on the geometry. Then right click on the specific part and select transfer/ rotate. give the correct angle and rotate it.

senhill October 9, 2012 03:02

Thank you very much, but is there any easier way to change the normal directly?

krishnag2002 October 10, 2012 03:28

I think those two elements are in different regions or different parts. Just keep both in the same parts if you dont have any problem to combined both.


senhill October 10, 2012 03:56

No, they are in the same boudary.

krishnag2002 October 10, 2012 04:19

If you can not able to solve this problem, just open this mesh in another mesh software like Icem-CFD or starcd and change the normals will be easy in these software. later you can import again into starccm. I never got a issue with normals in ccm+

senhill October 10, 2012 04:46

Thank you
I tried to orient the normal in ANSA, but when I import them back to CCM+, the normal turn to be incorrect again. Maybe the CCM+ calculate the normal with its own method again.
P.S. I've found a indirect way to change the normal: select these connected faces together to offset, and then Undo the offset operation, the normal turn to be consistent.

krishnag2002 October 10, 2012 05:04

Thank You

You can do swap the edge which is in between. in repair mode shortcut is W letter, just hit W one or 2 times till the color changes.


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