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fshak92 October 28, 2012 14:33

Which Multiphase Model?Ethylene glycol+Silver nanoparticles
I'd like to model a combination of ethylen glycol and silver nanoparticles .(the combination lies on a solid plate and then heats)

The viscosity of ethylen is in order of 1 cP but the combination of that should become about 70 cP.

I dont know which kind of multiphase flow models is appropriate for this modeling and how i can find out the characteristics of the combination after setting up the multiphase flow.(like boiling point and etc. )

thank you in advance.

siara817 October 29, 2012 03:45

If the multiphase flow is dispersed ( particles can not influence very much on the main main flow), then it might be better to use Lagrangian. However you need to review literature regarding your specific case to see what is recommended.

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