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jiujitsu November 2, 2012 14:31


Has anyone had any experience with engine air intake box simulation?

I have set the intake boundary as pressure outlet for starters and the outlets as mass flow inlet, so I can set the mass flow on the outlet boundary and get the mass flow per filter on the inlet.

The only thing is I keep getting the message of reverse flow on the boundary, which I understand must be because the air is actually going into the boundary, but also there is no convergence to the model and I don't know if that can be addressed because of the following:

If I get the pressures this model generated (with oscilating residuals) and apply them to a pressure outlet boundary on the outlet now (changing from the original mass flow inlet), and change the inlet to a stagnation inlet, the model converges without any issue.

But I need both cases to check uniformity on the outlet and uniformity on the inlet.

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