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dke November 6, 2012 09:49

Forces on vertices

I am currently working on a student research project regarding "wave forces on an offshore structure".
For post processing with fem I have to readout the force on each vertex of the imported surface mesh of the offshore structure.

I already tried the following options tetrahedral mesher and trimmer:

Readout (Pressure Field Function) via XYZInternalTable results in pressure on cell face

-1. Use of Data Mapper to convert pressure on cell face to pressure on vertex.
2.Readout (Mapped Vertex Pressure) via XYZInternalTable results in pressure on vertex. Problem: At least one coordinate (x,y or z) differs from the original surface vertex coodinates.

- I used Data Mappers with 1 Region and with 2 Regions (Original Surface Mesh in additional region). Both results were inaccurate.

Are there any other options to extract the force on specific vertices?
Is there any option to enter the vertex coordinates I need the force on?

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