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rks171 November 9, 2012 20:44

Generate mesh in batch
Is it possible in starccm+ to setup all the modeling choices that I want for making a mesh and then to do the meshing in batch instead of interactive mode? The geometry I'm meshing is very complex and meshing takes many hours. I would rather if I could submit the job to the job-queuing system on one of our clusters instead of tying up an interactive node. Furthermore, the computer that I would like to mesh on may not be able to open up a GUI. If this is possible, what is the command that I have to give on the command line?

cfdguy November 11, 2012 11:43

Does this small macro help?


package macro;

import java.util.*;

import star.common.*;
import star.base.neo.*;
import star.meshing.*;

public class MeshAndSave extends StarMacro {

  public void execute() {

  private void execute0() {

    Simulation sim = getActiveSimulation();

    MeshPipelineController msh = sim.get(MeshPipelineController.class);



rks171 November 12, 2012 16:19

I didn't think of using a macro. So how do I start starccm+ and then execute this macro on startup from the command line?

olauer November 13, 2012 05:22

Did you ever read the manual?

starccm+ -batch case.sim

rks171 November 13, 2012 09:32

Yep, I must of missed that somehow in that brief 11,000 page read, but thanks for pointing it out for me.

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