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efmd3 December 1, 2012 15:24

Referencing Simulation results in field functions
I'm not convinced my title is very accurate for the problem I have but here goes:

I was curious if anyone knew how to base an input field function on the properties of the fluid at an output without having to model an entire loop.

For instance, water from a pool enters a heater initially at a temperature T0, is heated in the simulation and leaves at T1. As water continues to enter the heater, it now enters at T1 and leaves at T2, so on and so forth.

I can easily make a report mass flow averaging the temperature at both inlet and outlet, but I am not sure how to use this report data as input in a field function.

Any thoughts?

ryancoe December 2, 2012 11:19

I haven't done anything quite like this, but it sounds pretty straightforward.

You should be able to set the inlet temperature as a field function, and then have that field function be the outlet temperature report (If the report is named 'OutletTemp' then its field function will be 'OutletTempReport').

Hope this helps.

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