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liladhar December 4, 2012 02:24

residuals not converging
hi there,
i have an offshore structure(TLP-tension leg platform). when i am running simulation in star ccm+ i am unable to converge the solution. the inial residual for momentum(x,y,z) are high. after reducing the under-relaxation factors also, all in vein.
please help.

nomad December 4, 2012 22:11

Do you have any plots to show? What is your problem setup? Is it a steady/unsteady sim?

liladhar December 13, 2012 01:53

residuals not converging
1 Attachment(s)
hi there,
i am attaching the residual graphs.
plz help

siara817 December 13, 2012 04:06

It seems the problem is because of low mesh quality.
But before that go to Continua/physics, click on the flow and turbulence model. Change them from second order to first order. If it started converging, let converge until getting uniform horizontal lines, then again change to second order.
Hope it will work

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