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badger1 December 13, 2012 17:02

Version Incompatability

I have version 7.04.006 of starccm+. I have been sent a .sim file from someone but when I open it I get a message that says:
Error: incompatable version: newer files can not be restored into older versions of the program.

Can anyone help with this?


lava12005 December 13, 2012 21:34

Maybe he is using the latest release 7.06.009?
I am installing it now yay!

abdul099 December 14, 2012 21:16

Read the error message:
You can not open a simulation file saved with a specific version of STAR-CCM+ with an older version of STAR-CCM+.

The only solution is to use the same or a newer version. You can find out the version of the sim-file when you press "info" in the open dialog.

badger1 December 18, 2012 05:48

is there anyway is it was created in 7.06.009 you can open it in 7.06.006 or perhaps convert it?

t0m December 25, 2012 14:25

You may try exporting a *.ccm file (proSTAR Volume Mesh) and importing it to the version you are using. This works in both directions (up- and downward different versions of CCM+). It also includes all Interfaces you have created in your model.

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