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liladhar December 17, 2012 02:50

how to give flow angle of attack for 2-d airfoil
hi there,
i wanted to give the incoming flow a AOA but i am unable. i read the tutorial guide but could not understand the cartesian co-ordinate system.
there they display i,j,k directions with X,Y,Z. i am not getting what these means.
please help

badger1 December 18, 2012 05:38

If you go into tools>Coordinate systems>Laboritory>Local coordinate systems and right click on local coordinate systems you can click new>cartesian.

Just ignore the XYZ bit in the box that pops up (if you have a scene open) and click create.
You should then have cartestian 1 (a new coordinate system) you can then right click on that one and click transform>rotate.

Type the AOA that you want in radians and it will then rotate the new axis by that amount. you can then select this axis at any inlets that you may have and the flow will come in at that new angle.

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