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Apocolapse December 19, 2012 06:50

Problems with scenes updating!
When running a long simulation I find it useful to take advantage of the 'update' function, so it outputs a screenshot of the scene every x time steps (which I later make into a movie clip).

Though this has been working fine for the past few months it has recently began to hang on one screenshot. For example, the simulation will run with no problem until 4.5 seconds, and then while the simulation continues to run, the update function constantly outputs screenshots of the scene from 4.5 seconds.
Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?

Also, when using the update function, the scene stops updating in the starccm program, sometimes showing a black screen, or just the simulation stuck at a point (0.2s etc) (the actual simulation is still running, just the scene doesnt update and becomes unusable, cant rotate view, zoom etc). While this isnt too frustrating (as the scene auto screenshots itself), it is a slight inconvenience if I want to pause the simulation and observe the results!

Thanks for the help

lava12005 December 19, 2012 20:50

Hmm the black screen does happen to me also but the software still save the correct scene for me at this state.

Apocolapse December 20, 2012 18:27

Yes, it is very strange! I am accustomed to the black screen, but the frozen output is new today. Quite frustrating when running a multi-day simulation and losing a considerable amount of data!

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