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Ruzic December 21, 2012 13:58

Floating point error with Solar radiation

I made model (single region, air) with solar radiation through couple of transparent walls. The same model works fine without grey radiation, with grey s2s radiation, but when activate solar radiation, following error message appear after
>>Viewfactors solver: finished. CPU Time: 216.27, Wall Time: 216.27, Memory: 519.88 MB
Turbulent viscosity limited in 563 cells in region Region 1<<

"Server error: A floating point exception has occured... The specific cause cannot be identified..."

I ran simpler models with solar radiation and the same boundary caonditions and they worked ok, so I'm not sure where is the difference and therefore cause of error, except in shape, size and number of cells...



Ruzic December 21, 2012 15:38

Problem solved: azimuth angle was set to zero (default value), but this is obviously not supported

Changed to 1 deg - iteration started normally

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