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JohannJet January 3, 2013 09:36

Moment Reports
Hi everyone,

I'm currently doing some simulation on an opened door with an airflow around it. Simulations are running fine, but for some reason, I do not fully understand the setup of the moment reports.

I want to determine the moment on the door around it's hinge-axis. Air is blowing into a room behind the door and acting on the slightly opened door.

I defined a new coordinate system based exactly on the door hinge and use this as a reference. So do I understand correctly, that I choose this new system as my coordinate system . The Axis origin is 0,0,0 and the axis I want to know the moment of, is the x-Axis - so as Axis I define 1,0,0.

As parts, I only select the door?!

I hope my questions are understandable - otherwise I can try to clarify.


abdul099 January 5, 2013 18:03

Yepp, that's right. The input parts are all parts you want to have the moment. So in your case it should be all door boundaries. And it's self explaining, it wouldn't make any sense to put boundaries you're not interested in a report. But you already got that...

Btw, this principle is the same for all kind of reports except a few special ones where you don't need input parts (e.g. Total Solver Elapsed Time).

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