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Shelby January 8, 2013 12:26

2D Velocity Inlet
Hi Everyone,

I'm currently working on a simulation of a plate where I would like to compare my results to the results of the blasius equation.
Therefore I choose a specific point of the plate in x-direction (e.g. x=1,5m) where I set a calculated velocity profile to give the flow an initial speed. This profile is calculated using matlab and consist of u (flow in x-direction) and v (flow in y-direction).
My problem is now, that by selecting "table(x,y,z)" at the velocity inlet boundary I can only set one flow direction (u or v), but my initial flow consists of both u and v-values.

Can anyone help me please?
Thanks a lot!

abdul099 January 10, 2013 15:44

You can switch the input method to components and put a table(x,y,z) for every velocity component.

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