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crevoise January 9, 2013 07:21

Importing ccm file - Creation of geometry part from boundary
Hello everyone,

I have few questions about meshing from an imported starcd mesh.
I am importing a simple volume mesh (a cylinder) from prostar, on the format .ccm.

While importing it, region is created, with the boundaries (inlet, outlet, wall). However, no geometry parts are created.

My aim is to extrude the outlet part, in order to have a directed mesh following the directed mesh defined on my cylinder previously defined on prostar . I think to use the 'operation/directed mesh' for the extrusion using the existing mesh. But for that, I need the definition of a surface part.
So then, I have several questions:

1/Why, while importing the .ccm file, no part are created? (at least a body part corresponding to the cylinder)
2/ Is it possible to create a part from a boundary, and if so, how?

Thank you for your advices

crevoise January 10, 2013 04:17

For the one who will face the same question:
After importing the mesh, go to 'representation', then right click and 'extract boundary surfaces'. You can then use the extruder applied to the boundaries, setup from the meshing continua.

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