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rohin eapen January 11, 2013 02:57

how to apply rotational and translational motion together in a vane pump
i am doing a simulation in vane pump.but i have no idea how to apply the rotational and translational motion to the vanes.

if anybody knows about this kindly help me.

abdul099 January 18, 2013 17:09

There is no such thing as a "simple vane pump".
For a vane pump, you can't use a simple rotation and translation model but you need to use the morpher. This is because your domain changes it's shape, making it pretty complicated. You can't even use the motions for the definition of the vane motion since the you don't model the vanes but the fluid region. And the boundary attached to the vanes is stretched when the vane moves, so it's not simple at all.

You still can do it (I already did it), but I recommend it only when you have enough pain with this stuff to justify the (not negligible) effort. And I assume you would need a lot of help since you don't seem to be a very experienced user. Although I or (hopefully also) others can guide you, please don't expect to have results in no time. You'll need some patience.

The first step would be to provide some pictures of your geometry since there are several different ways how to build a vane pump. And also a description what you're looking for, typical gap sizes, how your vanes are kept attached to the housing, what CCM+ version you're using and maybe some details of your at least 128 cores cluster you'll need.

rohin eapen January 22, 2013 14:48


i tried to attach some pictures of our project,and the details.but due to the size of the file it is not uploading.
Kindly give me you email id so that i can reach you more efficiently.

Thanking you

yours faithfully

rohin eapen

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