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Martis January 18, 2013 00:17

specifying inlet bd layer velocity profile
I am solving a 3D Supersonic flow problem.
I have a graph of the boundary layer profile, from experiments, and have digitized it and have it in tabular form. These value have to be given at the inlet.
I am using stagnation inlet as the inlet boundary condition. So how can i input these values? Do I need to specify them as initial velocity? If so how is it done. I have values of U vs. y.
You help and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

siara817 January 18, 2013 08:21

You can import the data as a table in the part Tools and then select the inlet velocity as a table. Then add the table you have imported.

abdul099 January 18, 2013 16:31

You can either go the way siara817 has suggested, or create a field function. Maybe a table is (siara817's way) is easier when you have it in an external format like Excel.

You don't need to give it as initial velocity since this is only the starting condition. It's just a boundary condition. As long as you're running stationary, your initial condition will not effect your converged solution. But of course it makes sense to initialize with a velocity field which is close to the final solution. Please have a look in the user guide for setting an inital velocity, this is pretty fundamental stuff and should be described several times.

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