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crevoise January 18, 2013 05:49

Working directory in starccm+

I have some external file in order to initialize my computation in starccm while coupling it with a another software.
When running the initialization, starccm should call some external file and some log file are then created.

1/ When I place external files in my working directory, starccm crashes while doing the initialization
2/ Then I have placed the external file in the directory C/../documents, which correspond to the 'current directory' indicated when you go to 'Help>About' in the starcd menu. The initialization is thus working, with the requested log file produced.

I have thus several questions:

1/Why the 'current directory' given by the about pop up is 'My documents', and not the directory where is saved my *.sim file?
2/ How to change this path according to any simulation path I will create

Thanks a lot for you help

abdul099 January 18, 2013 16:26

I'm not fully sure since I usually run CCM+ in Linux (which is way better, but it should be similar under Windows).
But I think when you start STAR-CCM+, you're using a shortcut. When you right-click on the shortcut, there is this "execute in ..." input field. I think this path is the working directory. This is also the location where CCM+ shows the open dialog when I've started it. That's pretty similar to the directory I am when I start it under Linux, so it should be the working directory.

Please let me know if I'm right.

crevoise January 21, 2013 05:00

Hello Abdull,

Thanks for your answer.
When opening the dialog property box on the shortcut, there is the 'start in' which is defined with the 'installation directory' (program files\...)

When I change this directory by putting the path of my working directory, then the error mentioned in the first post does not occur when running my initialization, with creation of the requested files into my working directory.

However, this means for now, I will have to change this path anytime I am changing of working directory.

I guess there is a file in the installation directory which should give the info to starccm about the working directory, with the default path on the 'my documents' directory.
I did not found where this info is setup yet. Do you have any clue where this info is stored and how to make it dynamic?

Thanks again for your help

abdul099 January 21, 2013 14:14

I'm sorry, since I usually use STAR-CCM+ under Linux only, I don't know how to avoid this under Windows. Under Linux the working directory is just the directory you are (in a shell) when you start the software. Maybe you can try something similar under Windows, just to test if it works?

Otherwise I think it's best to get in touch with your support engineer at CD-adapco.

crevoise January 22, 2013 10:40

Hello Abdul,

I've done some more test, but eventually none of them worked. I will go on like that, and as in a short while I will install ccm on Linux I guess.
I will notice it to CD-Adapco in the meantime.

Thanks again for your concern and your advice.

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