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kylee January 21, 2013 06:40

function value in properties

I'm a new user for Star-ccm+.

I did few tutorial.

I want to make a function for effective thermal conductivity.

(thermal conductivity is not constant, but as function of temperature and other values)

Can you please help?

Is there any good tutorial web for Star-CCM+?

I want to simulate the Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Square Enclosure Filled with Nanofluid

siara817 January 21, 2013 07:01

I suppose you know the equation of thermal heat conductivity.
Go to tools, right click on Field functions, click new.
In the generated new filed function, go to definition part. open it. write your equation. Insert vector values by $$ and scalar by $.
For more information about programmin go to tutorial and search "Field Function Programming Reference"
Good luck

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