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setasena January 23, 2013 05:29

simulate a mixer and FSI
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My simulation project is actually to simulate FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) in Star ccm+. Abdul099 (Thank you so much) adviced me, to make a good meshing first and then go to the next step. (look at the picture:mixer_example)

I than first tried to make sure that I have done the correct meshing.

But one of my friend told me to first create 2 rooms for the simulation before I start with my meshing. The room where all the water will flow (Which also represent as the mixer chamber), and a room to describe the rotation of mixer. is this the only method and much more complicated? Why we should actually create two rooms? can we directly just need to create 1 room which shows only the mixing chamber, and thats it. (look at the _ mixer_chamber)

thank you for your advice.

siara817 January 23, 2013 06:36

I think it is better that you do first by following some tutorial.
to do that Press F1 and then search in the search box: tutorial guide >motion.
In this section you will see examples for motion.

Follow the steps of some of the examples to get how to work.

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