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crevoise January 28, 2013 05:39

Cad Model - Design parameters - Parts and Regions

I am building a geometry with the Starccm CAD modeler.

From a single sketch, I am performing several extrusion in order to make my model defined thus with by one body, with several faces. I group these face in 3 different group, for example: inlet, core, outlet.
During the building of the body, I have setup several design parameters, in order to modify my geometry to solve different geometry case later, by simply changing the value of some geometrical parameters.

One the CAD building is finished, I create a geometry part from the CAD body. The part contains thus 3 surfaces: inlet, core, outlet.
By changing the value of some design parameters, I can properly change the geometry.

However, I wish to create different part from each surface, as they will be defining different regions (fluid, solid, porous,..) for the computation.
Once I have created the 3 different parts (inlet, core, outlet), I am facing the following problem: changing the value of a design parameter will modify the geometry from the first part (and create inside it a default surface), but will let unchanged the other part.

The questions are thus:
1/ How to link the design parameters to each part created from the initial body?
2/ For the methodology - workflow point of view, is it better to design a CAD model composed of 3 bodies which will define 3 parts?

Thanks for your advice.

crevoise January 29, 2013 08:52

For the one who will be interested: it seems to me the best way is to build a CAD geometry with pre-designed part (bodies).
To don't have problems with the mesh when changing the parameters value, it is better to assign face names to CAD faces, which will define the leaf surfaces and further interfaces.

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