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eRzBeNgEl January 31, 2013 14:21

Simulation and Optimisation of centrifugal fan 3D to 2D
Hi guys,

I simulated a centrifugal fan with volute in 3D. Now I want to optimize the position of the fan in the volute regarding pressure rise...!
Therefore I created built a 2D simulation including impeller and volute. My velocity inlet is given by the velocity output of the 3D file in a specific range. (Output.csv including velocity, i,j,k, Turbulence kinetic energy, dissipation rate.

I imported the velocity file for inlet conditions in the 2D Simulation. Choosing Table,x,y,z,.....Flow Direction given by Velocityi,j,k, etc...

So far the simulation is running, but if I compare the 3D simulation in the specific plane with the 2D simulation, the range of the for example static pressure (contourplot) is in the 3D simulation around -500 to 1000 PA and in the 2D Simulation -4500 to 2000 Pa.

My setup is the following:
Mesh size ~ 800k cells
Turbulence model: k-w SST
Gas - constant density
All y+ treatmen

It is not the first simulation I have done, so I am sure that my model itself is working. Just the calculated values are not realistic.

Where is the problem?

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