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p_dey93 February 2, 2013 22:55

RANS simulation of MHD channel flow

I would like to conduct a simulation of Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulent channel flow (electrically conducting fluid flowing in a channel under the influence of magnetic field). My case pertains low-magnetic reynolds number flow. Since i know there is no MHD module integrated with star-ccm+, I would like to utilize user written function feature in star-ccm+. However, I am beginner in star-ccm+:confused: and I am not sure how the UDF works in star-ccm+. As there is an additional Lorentz force term in the momentum equation, i need to calculate the electric potential which is used for lorentz force calculation.

I will appreciate if anyone who is experience with MHD simulation can shed some insight.

ryancoe February 3, 2013 10:39

I don't have much experience with MHD, but I believe you could use a field function to define the strength of a momentum source that encompasses the channel where the magnetic field is acting. I've used a similar approach to achieve an "actuator disk" style representation of a propeller.

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