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yonemasa7 February 5, 2013 16:35

Dissolution model error with STAR-CCM+ 7.04
I'm so sorry to make two thread in such a short period.
I'm trying to solve Soret effect with methanol-toluene mixture.
I had an error when I started the calculation.
"Dissolution model in Phase Interaction 1 cannot be used without species model in both phase"

Does anyone know how to deal with the error?
Could you explain how to do that?
I suppose species model means "segregated species" which I have already specified. Is that correct?

I'm using these physic models as follows;
2D, Eulerian multiphase, gradient, gravity, stationary, laminar, multiphase mixture, multiphase equation of state, multiphase interaction, multiphase segregated flow, and multiphase coupled energy.

Phase models are as follows;
multi-component liquid x2(Methanol Toluene), segregated temperature energy, non-reaction, segregated species, and poly density.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you in advance ;)

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