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svetlana February 6, 2013 09:37

Interpolation in cylindrical co-ordinates
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I have velocities from a simulation on a 5-degree "wedge" exported in a table. I am trying to extrapolate this data onto a full 360-degree geometry. The steps I have taken are:

(1) create XYZ table in the original simulation using cylindrical co-ordinate system with columns "Velocities in Cyl1[Radial]" and so on
(2) export this table into a file Data1.csv
(3) create a new simulation with a 360 degree geometry
(4) import the file as a table
(5) create a Field Function with definition:

interpolatePositionTable( @Table ( "Data1" ) , @CoordinateSystem ( "Cyl1" ) , "Velocity in Cyl1[Radial]","Velocity in Cyl1[Tangential]","Velocity in Cyl1[Axial]")

The original simulation is "axisymmetric" in a sense that all variables are uniform in the theta-direction, therefore I expected the result to be uniform in the theta-direction after interpolation. However, the interpolation seems to be performed using the Cartesian co-ordinate system, i.e. it is "stretched" in the horizontal direction rather than in theta direction I require.

Is there a way to do it so the data is interpolated using cylindrical co-ordinate direction?

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