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Kasey February 8, 2013 13:53

surface wrapper not meshing part
I am working with meshing a plane to look at the pressure and drag on the wing. I imported an igs file from NX. When using the surface wrapper everything gets meshed except the wings. Any ideas on if the issue is with the setup of the mesh, or do I need to fix surface errors? Thanks.

ryancoe February 10, 2013 22:14

There are a couple of things in the mesh setup that could cause this:
  • Too large of a surface cell size on the wing.
  • The wings are not included in any boundary.
Hope this helps.

Kasey February 14, 2013 18:51

Thanks for the help, I don't think the issue is with the boundary not being included, so you are probably right about the cells on the wing being too large.

I send the whole model as one region to be meshed using the surface remesher. With this everything gets meshed, but the quality of the mesh on the wings is still lousy. I have created a new mesh continua that uses the surface wrapper and surface remesher (if I understand correctly, it gets wrapped first and then remeshes the new surface), and the wings once again are gone. I'm not sure if it is trying to wrap the remeshed surface or the original surface. I can't do a volume mesh because the surface is not closed.

Is there a way to export the remeshed wing and combine it into 1 region to be wrapped with the fuselage, or is there something else that might correct this problem?

Thanks for the help.

mk_mard February 18, 2013 06:33

Be careful with the 'volume of interest' and also 'surface proximity' - the latter is important (search floor option) and if you don't get it right some pieces may disappear after meshing!

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