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AndrewLBloxom February 18, 2013 00:22

Morphing/Grid Flux question
Good evening,

I have a question about the morpher model.

In the documentation for 7.04.011: Best Practices > Modeling Fluid-Structure Interaction > What is Fluid Structure Interaction? Dynamic Mesh Evolution > Morphing in FSI: The last sentence describes completely re-meshing the model.

I've been able to extract the volume boundary and remesh the fluid domain, as well as set up the Abaqus input deck for the "*import" restart, but I'm curious about how the grid flux is reset after the re-mesh. I realize the grid is reset wholly, but I was wondering if there is not some way to also interpolate the grid fluxes, at least from the co-simulation boundary onto the new mesh, so that when the next co-simulation step occurs, the missing grid fluxes on the co-simulation boundary do not cause the simulation to diverge.

I'm currently working on an automatic re-mesh macro for my FSI work, and I believe this to be the last problem before it works successfully. Of course, I may be overlooking some fact about the morphing process, and would be grateful for any assistance.


arun7328 July 31, 2014 08:41


I have a doubt in co-simulation. Can you please help me?


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