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aroma February 18, 2013 05:31

Convergence problem when use gravity
Hi pals,

I have a model with gravity and the boundaries should have constant static pressure (not considering the gravity body force). I am trying to model a flow field with specific static pressure boundary faces and gravity. existance of gravity (as a body force) should affect the flow.

I tried both "Stagnation Inlet" and "Pressure Outlet" and I used field function below for boundary condition as total pressure.

(I should say, I used the correct syntax, I am just explaining the concept here)
"static pressure inlet"+ 0.5*Density*V^2 + Density * gravity * distance

"static pressure outlet"+ 0.5*Density*V^2 - Density * gravity * distance

in all cases that I have the "gravity" term, my simulation is not getting converge.

I really do not know what else should I try.
I aapreciate it if anybody can help.


RodriguezFatz April 10, 2013 10:18

Hi Aroma,
Please post a picture of your domain with some explanations. I have a quite similar problem (in Fluent)...

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