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setasena February 18, 2013 11:36

[Need some advise] Am I doing right?? Simulating a rotational mixer
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Hello everybody,
I really need your advice..I should actually simulate a rotating mixer, and hoping that i dont make some mistakes before I continue to the next step.

can some of you please give me advise, wheather I have done everything right? And what kind of steps should I basicaly continue?

This is what I have done so far (Please see the attachement I have made):

1. creating the mixer using CATIA V5, and saving as stp data.

2. creating a cylindrical rotational body.

3. creating a cylindrical "bowl".

4. Duplicate the cylindrical rotational body.
So there will be 4 body: Body 1: mixer
Body 2: cylindrical rotational Body
Body 3: cylindrical "bowl"
Body 4: duplication of body 2

5. Subtract "Body 1" and "Body 2", with "Body 2"as "Target Body"

6. Subtract "Body 3" and "Body 4", with "Body 3"as "Target Body"

7. "Body 2" and "Body3" Imprint

8. Rename "Body 2" with "Rotation", and "Body 3" with "Fluid"

9. Split by Patch and creating Interfaces

10. Assign Parts to Regions.

Did I do everything right?
can some of you give me advise what should I do next? doing the meshing?

eRzBeNgEl February 20, 2013 14:07


8. Rename "Body 2" with "Rotation", and "Body 3" with "Fluid"
At the end you should have two bodys like you described. I would say Rotational and Stationary. So your model seems to be right. Can you please upload a scene with your interfaces (Higher resolution please) ? - just an meshing advice, be careful with near wall interfaces.

setasena February 21, 2013 05:21

Hi! thank you for your advise.
I will try to upload it later. maybe in the next hour.
but before I go further, I would like to ask weather it is really necessary to have two bodies just like you said, rotational and stationary.
I mean, is it much more easiear for us to just have one body? why should we make two bodies?

grad@itu February 27, 2013 11:51

If you will use Moving Reference Frame (MRF) approach, you must use a discrete "rotational" region and again must use a "stationary" region thats the region why the naming strategy.

Certain amount fluid around the mixer rotates with propeller and this regions call rotating region.

You can think like a fan or pump design. This names "rotationary" and "stationary" word is like routine names of regions for MRF applications.

But if you will use Rigid Body Motion, then this is not the general or common naming rule or smt..

setasena March 10, 2013 11:32

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Now, I am writing about "step by step" of simulation the Fluid structure Interaction of my mixer/ Agigator in my report.

I have attached a picture that maybe will show what should i write in my report. Hope for some advise of course.
Thank you so much..

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