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rajeev50588 February 25, 2013 23:48

Piston Cooling Nozzle Simulation
Hiii everyone...
I'm trying to simulate a piston cooling jet simulation where the oil jet (for piston cooling) is issued when the piston is at BDC and continues till the piston reaches TDC. The oil jet enters into the piston oil gallery hole (given in the piston undercrown) when the piston travels from BDC to half way up (i.e. stroke/2). Rest of the motion i.e half way of the stroke till TDC the oil jet hits piston undercrown surface.
Now, the outputs needed from the simulation are:
a) HTC of the Piston
b) Temperature Profiles of the Piston Undercrown
c) Cocktail shaking phenomena of the oil in the oil gallery.

I will have to use VOF, piston motion actuation via translation function in motions tool. but being a very amateur user of CFD and dont have any idea how to proceed.
I think i have taken a big project as per my level :p


siara817 February 26, 2013 04:41

I think the best action for you, if you are new in CFD is to follow one of the tutorials for VOF. Do a VOF tutorial and then you will learn many things. Then start working on your own case.

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