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matt44 February 26, 2013 06:53

Half filled tank

I would like to fill a simple tank with water.To start, I have one inlet (velocity inlet), one outlet (pressure outlet), and I Would like to add water in a tank which is ever half filled.

Do I have to use Field Function Definition or can I use a simple Volume Fraction?
I tried with the tuto but I don't really understand how to use the Field Function Definition ( I am French and the English tuto can be hard to understand for me!).

I hope you could help me.

Thank you.

grad@itu February 27, 2013 04:25

May be you should look to the "Passive Scalar" chapter from User Guide you can define the initial water position by using passive scalar and then you can track the filling of the tank.

Sorry i only remembered this, i have to check tut and user guide.. but passive scalar can do it.

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