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ganesh_krishnan February 26, 2013 11:59

Using VOF model and Lagrangian Multiphase in the same simulation

I am new to star ccm+, I am modelling a 2 phase flow with air and glycerine-water as the liquid. I have a nozzle and atomization is to be modelled. I want to use the VOF method to model the process till the fluid starts getting dispersed into air and then use the lagrangian multiphase model. I tried to use two regions for my computational domain, one with the VOF physics continuum and then the Multiphase mixture would enter the second region that has a different physics continuum with the Lagrangian model.

In doing so starccm+ does not let me make an internal interface between the two regions as the physics continuum are different. It only allows baffle interface which does not solve my purpose.

In order to solve this I have been trying to project the mass flow rate and mass distribution of the 1st region boundary on to the next region boundary (which I defined as a mass flow inlet for this purpose), but I cannot understand how to do this.

Could anyone pleasse tell me how to do this? if there is some other manner in which I can incorporate both the models into my simulation, that would also be very helpful!!!! thanks in advance!!

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