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grad@itu February 27, 2013 03:48

Conformal Mesh Problem
Dear STAR-CCM+ Users,

I have a problem that have 3 regions.

one region (or media) is fluid - water
one region is again fluid - air
the other region solid - stainless steel (AISI 316)

Fluid regions are Radiator geometry, one part is internal volume (water) and the other part is radiator material (SS).

And the other Fluid media is Air (Room).

And im working about heat distribution in room and determination of heat transfer rates for conductive and radiative as well.

Anyway, First step i created suitable geometries, i extracted fluid volume but i couldnt extract the radiator geometri from the room geometry so i dit it another way..

I created a block(represents room) around panel radiator and i used "imprint" option to create suitable interfaces.

These interfaces are water volume/radiator volume and radiator volume/room volume (or we can say; surfaces).

Everything is ok. But the problem is i cant handle conformal mesh but i have to use "per region mesh" option by the way im not using trimmer that i know trimmer cant using multiple region meshing but i tried tet and poly meshes and i have to create conformal mesh.

What can i do in this situation?

Finally i have to say some additional words, this is my special interest, my special project and i will ask some question again (convergence testing, determination heat capacity of radiator (total,conductive and radiative seperately) thus, i have to choose correct boundary conditions.

Thanks everybody.

grad@itu February 28, 2013 10:03

Please anyone can help me?

siara817 March 1, 2013 03:39

May I have a suggestion?
It is better that you ask one question, to be clear what you are looking for.
Why do you want to simulate the radiator in such detailed. You can consider a box that is a heat source and then see how is the heat transfer by radiation and convection.

grad@itu March 1, 2013 14:22

Hi Siara,

Yeah i know may be its too much detailed but, i want to show heat transfer mechanism on radiator.

1. Seperately convector and panels. And radiative and convective heat flux
2. I want to see room air movement between the panels.

The radiator is Panel - Convector - Convector - Panel (PCCP) type convector. And im searching a "more realistic conditions and solution" real radiator gemoetry, a room and as possible as real medium conditions.

By the way, i solve the conformal mesh problem.. Today i solve it.

There are two problem for me now.

1. Radiator surface conditions, Room surface conditions (The room will be 20C steady state or may be i must solve unsteady i wasn think that already)

First problem ise gone (meshing)

For example radiator surfaces may be "convective" boundary condition i dont know yet..

And i will use S2S radiation model and Gray Thermal mode (i know it:))

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