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natalie26 March 1, 2013 07:51

field function and tables for inlet profile
Hello everybody,

Iīm simulating a 2-phase flow (water-air) and i have to modell it with the VOF-methode.
Now I want to inject several droplets into a fluid region through the inlet.

By now i was able to inject droplets at only one position at the inlet.
Therefor i created field functions for the form(spherical) and center(which is moving at each timestep) of the droplet and assigned this field function to the inlet volume fraction of the water-phase.
To get multiple positions for the droplets to be injected i need several values for the coordinates but i donīt know how to define them.
I was thinking about tables with different values for the x- and z-coordinates(y=const.) but by now i couldnīt access them in my field functions.
Can anyone help me?


grad@itu March 1, 2013 14:35

Do you try "table" option? May be it can be more easy.
If i am not wrong, you want to define and inlet type for example different positions, different or variable entrance to inlet or someting like that?

There are much "table" entry options for ex, Table(x,y,z), Table(iteration), Table(time) you define different change or positions.

natalie26 March 4, 2013 03:02

Thanks for your answer!
Yes, I guess it should work with a table.
But can you tell me if I can access a table in a user field function?

In the tutorials they assigne the tables for example to the velocity inlet or the volume fraction (at least everywhere where there is a drop down menue and you can choose between constant value, field function, table ect.)...Do you know what I mean? But i want to acces them in a field function.

For a better understanding: I want to have something like this:

field function: (vector) = [ a , y=constant, b ]

with a and b = Tables containing [1,2,3,4] and [5,6,7,8]

Hope you understand and you can help me:)

siara817 March 5, 2013 03:54

Please search '' Interpolating Data as a Function of Another Table Column'' in the help of STAR-CCM.

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