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nyquisty March 4, 2013 22:28

Cavitation on water pump impeller
I am trying to simulation the cavitation on the back of a water pump impeller. I select VOF model. Create three phases, H20, H2O gas and air. The multiphase interaction are H2O-H2O(G) and H20-air. Actually, I want to create H2O(G)-air for 2nd interaction, but star-ccm+ cannot do that. I don't know why.

The model is reasonable? Could I say that if the fraction of air is not 0, the cavitation would happen?

mic March 29, 2013 13:11

Hi nyquisty, I have experience on cavitating water pumps impeller with CFX and Simerics.
...and to set up and run such a simulation is Simerics is much more easy than in any other CFD code I happened to bump in. And the results are absolutely good compared to experimental tests :o

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