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badger1 March 9, 2013 07:19

Turbo Wizard

I am trying to create a linear cascade in Starccm+ using the turbo wizard. There are tutorials for the anular setup but not the linear. To make the turbo wizard work you need inlet, outlet, hub and tip files that specify coordinates however I cant seem to figure out how they work or what they would need to be in order to make my cascade work.

does anyone have any experience with a linear cascade using Star as any help would be greatly appriciated.


badger1 March 11, 2013 17:24

just incase anyone thinks it is relivant, whenever I try to run the turbowizard in linear mode i get the error message

'Error:SurfaceSectioner::createSection():Did not find any intersections with surface.
Problem occurred during grid generation.'

despite when plotting the coordinates for the hub,tip,inlet and outlet on a drawing package they clearly intersect.


D.Sz November 23, 2014 13:52

Just wondering if you've solved this?
I was trying to work with Turbo Wizard, but I keep getting that exact error message and am out of ideas by now...
Note: mine is a annular problem.

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