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freddyk March 9, 2013 12:55

Spatially varying BC
I am trying to set up a floor boundary condition that turns on boundary layer growth in order to model a windtunnel floor with a known suction point. I heard this can be done with field functions. How do I:

  • Define a field function that filters based on X position (default CSYS)
  • Use the outcome of that to specify the region BC


freddyk March 11, 2013 20:11

I have made some progress with my problem in that I know how to reference positions in x,y,z now which I previously didn't. I have also seen how "method" can be changed from constant to "field function" for various types of BC.

What I am now stuck on is how to use these methods to turn slip on or off. I dont think it can be done, should I look for an alternative method, such as creating multiple walls?

Think I've been led down the wrong route by my adviser...

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