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mk_mard March 11, 2013 08:57

Mimic (copy) of a Boundary
Hello everyone,

In my simulation domain I have two different 'continua'-s - and there are some inlets and outlets on each continua.

I want to mimic (copy) the 'outlet' boundary conditions from one domain to the 'inlet' of other domain - obviously on the outlet I know the flow rate, temperature and the pressure. How can I replicate these parameters on the inlet of the other domain?

For example, on one of the outlets I have air at 1kg/h, 400C and 100mbar. I would like to have the same values as 'inlet' parameters somewhere else in the computational domain?

any help?

Many thanks,

siara817 March 11, 2013 16:27

Can you put a picture from your geometry?

mk_mard March 12, 2013 10:00

1 Attachment(s)
Have a look at the attached picture - this is simplified version of what I have.

Basically, the parameters in 'Inlet-2' should be the same as 'Outlet-1' - that is the pressure, flow rate and temperature.

In other words, the gas should continue in the second pipe with the same conditions - the physics continua is not the same in both pipes.

siara817 March 13, 2013 04:31

If you select velocity inlet for the second inlet, then you can give the values to the temperature and flow rate.

mk_mard March 13, 2013 04:40

Yes, that is correct but how can I apply the exact pressure? to have a continues pressure drop?

abdul099 March 21, 2013 18:21

Try it with a table, auto extract and interpolate to a field function.

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