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nyskiffie March 13, 2013 17:01

New User, Basic Questions (Yacht Design)
Hi all, I apologize for what will certainly come off as some newb questions, but I'm trying to learn this program with effectively no help from my Project Advisor. As a knowledge base, I've done all the tutorials Star CCM gives you in the help menu, and most of the VTT package. I understand what my END GOAL is, but not how to get there.

My goal is to find drag and trim angles on a catamaran my team have designed. I have a few basic questions regarding setting up my initial experiment.

I have the files in .x_t files, I've imported them as both a part and a region in my various attempts. Ideally, I'd like to do a symmetrical model of 1 hull, but this leads me to my first basic question. Because the hulls of this model are canted, will doing a symmetrical model allow for wave interference between the two hulls? Right now I'm setting up all the models to test the whole hull but I would prefer to just do half for computing reasons.

Second question, what is a more effective way to import this file? My goal as I understand it is to subtract the volume of the hull from a box, and then have flow come through the box and model the hull. I will be putting the hull free in trim and locked in yaw and roll. First tests will be without waves, but I will be adding them in the future. Would my best bet to be import it as a part and create a new box around it? I'm getting an error about my part not being sealed and manifold when I do this, but the leak detector doesn't find any leaks. Any ideas?

My other technique is to import it as a region and mesh it within a box, but I'm unclear on how to us the box as a part and the hull as a region and have them interact properly. I know this is a stupid issue, I'm just not quite understanding it fully.

Finally, if anyone knows of any good tutorials that can guide me through a similar project that will save everyone a lot of typing, that would be GREAT.

Thank you!

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