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IT_GUY March 14, 2013 15:22

Importing help
I'm new to using this software, but I'm in a aerodynamics course this semester and we use it. Because of this I was assigned to a senior design group where I would need to do CFD analysis.

I've imported a PRO-e CAD model in STL format and trying to create feature curves on it. When I go to Regions>Regions 1 and right click on feature curve>new feature curve> mark edges I get an error saying, "cannot execute action without a surface representation."

I've looked up in the tutorials how to do this and the screen shot doesn't look the same. When I try to do it, all I have is representations>geometry and from the tutorials I should have Representations>Volume Mesh> Region 1

Could someone point me in the right direction or show me where the tutorial is that could teach me? Thanks.

abdul099 March 21, 2013 18:24

Did you import the surface to the parts level and create the region? The you should also have a mesh continuum, and hit the "initialize meshing" button first.

IT_GUY March 21, 2013 19:51

Sorry I figured it out. I was doing it wrong. I needed to import the CAD model as a .igs file and then create part then create region.

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