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Dry Patrick March 16, 2013 19:50

Surface Mesh Artifact
Hi everyone, I'm a new user of this forum, but i follow it since I've started CFD two years ago.

Sometimes I've got a strange error in surface mesh generation, (since I've started to use the 7.04 version of Star CCM+, now I'm on the 8.02), in detail there are some artifact in the surface mesh, artifact that disappears in the volume mesh, but today I've got the same artifact also in the volume mesh.

I attached some screenshot to show you the problem, where you can see clearly the artifact. You can find screenshots of the geometry, surface mesh, a detail of the surface mesh and the volume mesh.

The ultimate strange thing is that no error is detected by the solver, and the simulation converges.

Any idea of the origin of the problem? Can be just a visual artifact?

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