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p_dey93 March 17, 2013 21:17

channel simulation geometry
I conducted 3D DNS study of turbulent flow in a channel with a computational domain of 2pi* 2pi* 2. It has periodic boundary conditions in x (2pi) and y(2pi). z is wall-normal direction (2). The grid is 256^3. I would like to conduct the same simulation in STAR-CCM+. As i am beginner level user, I am wondering how to create the same geometry in star-ccm+ and set-up the periodic boundary condition. Since in star-ccm+, geometry is started with 3D-CAD model by sketching in a certain plain and then performing extrusion/rotation etc. Appreciate any feedback!

flotus1 March 20, 2013 06:17

If you do the first tutorial on geomety creation in CCM+, you know more than enough to create the domain you need.

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